We believe cross training across all disciplines, which is why SALA offers a wide variety of classes which you can experience with our 7 day trial. 

For fitness, if you prefer lower impact, we recommend starting with Barre or HIIT Pilates, otherwise our signature Strength and Cardio classes.

For yoga, start with Flow Yoga for a great introduction and a slower pace to start exploring flexibility and strength. For a stronger class, you can then try Yogasana and Dynamic Yoga. For a relaxing class, try Yin Yoga, suitable for all levels and the perfect compliment to our high intensity yoga or fitness classes.

We recommend balancing your classes across all disciplines. For every Cardio Killer book into Dynamic Yoga, for every Strength book into Barre. Book and train up to six days a week but always make sure to take at least one rest day to allow your body to recover properly. Most of all, do what feels right for your body.